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Advanced Energy Efficiency Hot Water Solutions Designed and Built for Perth Conditions.
Best Solar Hot Water Systems Perth

Advanced energy efficiency hot water solutions designed and built for Perth conditions

With Envirosun your hot water system running cost does not have to be the single highest energy cost appliance in your home.  Envirosun Solar and Heat Pump hot water heaters can save you 70% to 95% off your power and gas bills for heating and maintaining the water within your hot water heater.

Not only will the Envirosun range of energy efficient products help to slash your water heating costs, but it will assist you in creating a sustainable low carbon footprint for your household. For the best range of  Solar hot water systems and Heat Pump water heaters look no further than Envirosun.

Envirosun is proudly a 100% Australian owned company

The Envirosun  story is one of continuous improvement and innovation stretching back to the late 1990’s.

We know what works, what lasts and what’s needed

Whilst Envirosun is not the biggest hot water heating company in Australia, they are dedicated to delivering the latest proven technology in solar and heat pump energy efficient hot water systems.

Envirosun have the absolute highest levels of quality control in solar hot water manufacturing in Australia, making installing an Envirosun hot water system in your home a satisfied one

Envirosun Heat Pump

In addition to the Envirosun solar hot water system range is the Envirosun HP Plus Heat Pump

A Heat Pump hot water system is also known as a “air sourced solar” hot water heater

This exceptional monoblock style heat pump was introduced into Europe over a decade ago and has proven its reliability and efficiency

It has been through rigorous testing and perfected further to suit the Australian climate.

This heat pump will save you energy costs up to 71% when compared to an electric or gas storage hot water heater.

The Envirosun HP Plus heat pump is a exclusively manufactured for Envirosun by the world’s largest appliance maker known for the Haier, Fisher and Paykel and General Electric (GE Appliances) brands to name a few.

The confidence held in the performance and durability of the Envirosun HP Plus, has lead it to have market leading warranties for heat pump hot water systems in its class

  • 7 year tank warranty
  • 5 year compressor warranty
  • 2 year electrical component warranty

ENVIROSUN is proudly a 100% Australian Owned Hot Water Company

The Envirosun Solar Hot Water range of storage tanks are manufactured with Australian and European made storgae tanks that are assembled in NSW and Victoria.  Envirosun, being a 100% Australian owned company supports Australian manufacturing and will always use locally made products where this provides best in performance and reliability. Envirosun is continually reinvesting into building the range of highest quality hot water systems that evolve as technology in energy efficient water heating advances.

Big enough to have a complete range yet small enough to care and have the highest Quality control in hot water manufacturing 





It has never been more important for Australians to support Australian companies

Products Range

Envirosun TS Plus Solar Hot Water Heater
Envirosun AS Solar Hot Water Systems
Envirosun Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
Envirosun THX Glycol Solar Hot Water Systems


Envirosun TS System Brochure

The Envirosun TS Plus Thermosyphon (roof-mounted tank) solar hot water system is an absolute quality water heater.

Envirosun AS System Brochure

The Envirosun AS solar hot water system (split solar) storage cylinders have the absolute best pumping systems available.

Envirosun Heat Pump System Brochure

Envirosun’s  HP Plus Heat  Pump hot water system (air sourced solar) is made exclusively by the worlds largest appliance manufacturer. 

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